ул референтне вриједности оутс 3дмарк карактеристика тест за промјењиву стопу сјенчања ниво-2 | тецхповеруп -

УЛ Бенцхмаркови стављају тест 3ДМарк карактеристике за засењивање са променљивом стопом Тиер-2

UL Benchmarks today announced an update to 3DMark, with the expansion of the Variable-Rate Shading (VRS) feature-test with support for VRS Tier-2. A component of DirectX 12, VRS Tier 1 is supported by NVIDIA 'Turing' and Intel Gen11 graphics architectures (Ice Lake's iGPU). VRS Tier-2 is currently supported only by NVIDIA 'Turing' GPUs. VRS Tier-2 adds a few performance enhancements such as lower levels of shading for areas of the scene with low contrast to their surroundings (think areas under shadow), yielding performance gains. The 3DMark VRS test runs in two passes, pass-1 runs with VRS-off to provide a point of reference; and pass-2 with VRS-on, to test performance gained. The 3DMark update with VRS Tier-2 test will apply for the Advanced and Professional editions.

ПРЕУЗИМАЊЕ: 3ДМарк в2.11.6846