МСИ потврђује надолазећу ТРКС40 платформу, наводи креатор ТРКС40 матичне плоче

MSI today inadvertently confirmed preparations for the release of TRX40-based motherboards, which will allow for AMD's next-gen, Zen 2-based Threadripper CPUs to slot in quite nicely in a bed of silicon. Via a promo page for new motherboard purchases, where MSI listed the eligible motherboards for a $25 Steam rebate after purchase, the company listed a number of their already-known motherboard quantities… And the new Creator TRX40. This is a new series of motherboards from MSI, first populated by the X299 motherboards, which caters to expandability and storage capabilities so as to accelerate content creation and production.

Упућивање на Цреатор ТРКС40 већ је тихо избрисано на МСИ-овој страници. Sources: via VideoCardz, MSI USA