Решена тужба за тужбу класе Леново Адваре, тужиоци добијају у просеку 40 долара

The class action lawsuit levied against Lenovo and Superfish for the Visual Discovery adware has long since been settled. With roughly 800,000 laptops sold between September 2014 and February 2015 having been affected and therefore qualifying for a claim estimated at up to $40. While claims can go higher with proof, the majority of claimants will likely pick the easy option. That said, a rumor from Media Post is now stating users may be eligible for up to $55 thanks in part to fewer people coming forward than initially expected. This is likely not true as the settlement came out January 11th. Even so, this new rumor gaining traction at least serves as a good reminder that if you haven't done so and you have a system that qualifies (listed after the break) you can go here and submit a claim. All claimants have until March 25th, 2019 to file there claim.

Погођени системи:
  • Г серије Г410, Г510, Г710, Г40-70, Г50-70, Г40-30, Г50-30, Г50-45
  • У Сериес У430П, У430Тоуцх, У530Тоуцх
  • И Сериес И40-70, И50-70
  • Серије З: З50-75, З40-70, З50-70
  • Флек Сериес Флек2 14Д, Флек2 15Д, Флек2 14, Флек2 15, Флек2 15 (БТМ), Флек 10
  • Серије МИИКС МИИКС2-10, МИИКС2-11
  • Серије ИОГА ИОГА2Про-13, ИОГА2-13, ИОГА2-11БТМ, ИОГА2-11ХСВ
Sources: Top Class Action, Media Post