Интел 'Ице Лаке-И' МЦМ слика је близу

Here are some of the first pictures of the 10th generation Core 'Ice Lake-Y' multi-chip module, designed for ultra low-power platforms, such as notebooks and 2-in-1 convertibles. These chips have a TDP target as low as 8W to 15W, are built in a BGA (ball-grid array) MCM (multi-chip module) to minimize Z-height and conserve mainboard PCB real-estate, respectively. The larger dies of the two of course is the 10 nm 'Ice Lake' SoC with 4 'Sunny Cove' CPU cores, and a Gen11 GT2 iGPU. The smaller die is the PCH (platform controller hub), or chipset. The RVP (reference validation platform) is a motherboard that lets you test every possible connectivity option of the platform, by manually switching around PCIe lanes, SATA links, GPIO, LVDS, and TMDS lanes via jumpers. Intel usually hands these out to OEMs, system integrators, and system software developers. We also spotted the 'Ice Lake' 4-core wafer.