Цоолер Мастер улази на тржиште монитора са 30 'ГМ219-30, 35' ГМ219-35 21: 9, ФрееСинц 2 Монитори

Cooler Master seems to be sticking its tendrils to into another slice of the PC market with the upcoming release of two new monitor products. The company, best known for their cooling solutions, has already branched out into multiple sectors of the PC component and DIY market, and now it seems to want to make a name for itself in the monitor arena as well. Their first entries, the 30' GM219-30 and 35' GM219-35, are 21:9 ratio affairs based on VA technology. Both offer Adaptive Sync, which means 'limited' NVIDIA G-Sync support and full AMD FreeSync 2 support. The FreeSync 2 support, of course, also entails a measure of HDR capabilities, since that particular revision of the AMD standard was worked on mostly for that inclusion.

30 'ГМ219-30 има резолуцију 2560 к 1080 и нуди брзину освежавања од 200 Хз, док 35' ГМ219-35 носи резолуцију 3440 к 1440, али смањује брзину освежавања на уобичајених 120 Хз. Цоолер Мастер наводи брзину освежавања од 1 мс за ове мониторе. Издање се очекује крајем 2019. године, а 30 'модел очекује се у продаји од 399,99 УСД, док ће се 35' модел продати за 999,99 УСД.
Source: TFT Central